Case Studies


Production schedules change frequently for some of our customers. We are proud to offer an unmatched level of flexibility. The best example comes from one of our customer who had major changes in his production schedule. The event has allowed us to prove that we are ready to do everything possible to supply their production line to avoid any downtime. Many employees had to work up to 40 hours in overtime but the production of their vehicles could continue without major problems.

Short Lead Times

Some of our customers have successfully reduced their lead time by two weeks just by purchasing from us. Our timeliness allows shorter standard lead times and allows you to plan your orders with more information. Some products can be delivered within a couple of days or even sometimes the next day.


Non-compliance costs can prove to be high and some of our clients had the experience with other suppliers. Enjoying the peace of mind of knowing that every product was 100% tested is a big advantage. This is the reason why some clients have worked with us for more than 10 years.


« …HDI Technologies has been our partner for the last 13 years. Together, we are working hard to provide our customers with an electrical system of a superior quality. Actually, the reliability of our electrical system is among our main strengths. We appreciate the personalised support and the flexibility from HDI Technologies to ensure that they always deliver at the right time even when our production schedule has last minute changes… »

Ms. Nadine Bernier, Supply Chain Director - Demers Manufacturer of Ambulances